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The Apex Structure

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The Association of Apex Clubs has a hierarchical structure, much like the Australian governmental system. The heart of the association is the Apex Clubs themselves. The Club members in local communities implement the plans formulated at the three structural levels of Apex. Each different level of Apex has it's own distinct level of responsibility.

The Apex Logo

Each Club belongs to a District. A District consists of usually between 5 and 10 Clubs in one geographical area. The District is controlled by a District Governor, or DG as they are known, who is elected each year. The President and Secretary from each Club, together with the DG co-ordinate the activities of the Clubs in that particular District.



Australian Apex

The national activities of Apex Clubs are co-ordinated by the National administrative body or National Board. The National Board is made up of the National President and two Vice Presidents, who are elected annually, some other officials and the State President from each State.



Apex have few paid employees, a small number of administrative staff only. All other office bearers in Apex are volunteers.

Apex has clubs in approximately 400 communities right across Australia as well as many overseas countries, such as Singapore, Fiji, India and Bangladesh. Although these overseas Associations were all sponsored by Apex Australia, they are all now independent associations.

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