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The Apex Logo and Brand

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The Apex logo was designed in 1931 by Apex founder Ewen Laird and symbolises what Apex is all about.


The original Apex logo did not have the word AUSTRALIA included across the bottom. This was added in 1999 to represent the fact that Apex is the only home grown, Australian service organisation.



  • The Apex is the uppermost point of the triangle. Apex represents the height of ambition.
  • The triangle is an equilateral triangle, which means all sides are equal.
  • The sides of the triangle represent the ideals of SERVICE and FELLOWSHIP and the base the ideal of  CITIZENSHIP, upon which all our endeavours are based.
  • The rising sun included in the logo represents the rising generation of youth.
  • The word AUSTRALIA indicates that we are the Association of Apex Clubs of Australia, a home grown association which holds a unique position in Australia.


The Apex Brand was introduced in 2008 and is a more modern, stylised take on the original Apex logo.

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