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Helping to build better communities....

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What is Apex?

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Apex is a community service organisation which provides opportunities for young people to help the community whilst developing themselves and having fun.


The Founders

Langham Proud ....Ewan Laird....Sir John Buchan
Langham Proud......Ewan Laird...........John Buchan


Apex is a community service organisation with its origins in Geelong during the height of the Great Depression in 1931. Since then, Apex has grown to a national organisation of some 400 clubs across the length and breadth of Australia. Apex membership is open to male and female people of good character aged between 18 and 45 years.

Apex AustraliaApex Clubs are local groups of community minded citizens who have a desire to help others, improve themselves and have fun whilst doing it.

There are three types of Apex Clubs in Australia - male only, female only and mixed gender clubs. Each individual Club has the ability to determine its own membership makeup.

Apex has no political or religious affiliation, no secret hand shakes or bizarre rituals. Apexians are just young, active, vibrant people with the energy and will to put something back into their community. People just like you!

While other people are thinking about it, Apexians do it.

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