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Apex helping to reduce crime

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The Hoppers Crossing Apex Club have partnered with the Wyndham City Council and Victoria Police to conduct a Safe Plate day at the Hoppers Crossing Shopping Centre today (Saturday 24 November 2018). The free project entailed Apex Club volunteers replacing standard number plate screws with 'one-way' anti-theft screws. A free barbeque was also provided to allow community members to stop and have a 'snag in bread' whilst their number plate screws were being replaced.  

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The crime (number plate theft) is wide spread across the community, and although may be considered at the minor end of the scale, the consequences for the victim can be significant.

Apex Club President, Geraldine Walker said that effects of this 'minor' crime can be wide spread. "The stolen plates can be used by criminals to facilitate a number of other crimes. They can be used to help steal petrol or other 'drive through' items as well as racking up major fees and fines on our network of toll roads" she said. "Unfortunately, at the end of the day the initial trail leads back to the registered owner of the plates so it can be difficult to sort the matter out once the toll fines or debt collectors start turning up".

This was the third Safe Plate day undertaken by the Hoppers Crossing Apex Club in the last month, with the two previous days held in conjunction with the Hoppers Crossing and Werribee Bunnings stores. 

safe plate 2018 2Safe Plate day 2018-11-24Club President Geraldine expects further Safe Plates days to be conducted in the new year. "The Safe Plate days are a busy day for our club members - changing over the screws and manning the barbeque. But that's what Apex is all about - having a chance to engage with people all the while providing a service to the community and making a difference".

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