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Operation Safe Plate a raging success

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On the 5th of June 2016, the Hoppers Crossing Apex Club conducted an Operation Safe Plate event in conjunction with Victoria Police and Bunnings Warehouse Hoppers Crossing. Over 430 vehicles received anti-theft number plate screws on the day.

It is believed that up to 50% of crime in our local area involves in some way the use of stolen number plates.  The types of crime include petrol drive offs, burglaries, armed robberies, as well as a plethora of other undesirable activities.

The effect on you when your number plates get stolen can be a knock at the door by Police wondering why your number plates were on a car that was just involved in a crime.

You may also receive correspondence in the mail suggesting that a vehicle with your number plates has been clocked speeding or has racked up several hundred dollars in unpaid tolls or parking fines.

This situation will be frustrating and will take time to rectify. You will need to fill out paperwork such as Statutory Declarations pleading your case that it wasn’t you. There will also be the need to go into your local registration authority and have new number plates issued to you – at your cost!

You can however take steps to make life more difficult for crooks by fitting anti-theft number plate screws to your vehicle.

The anti-theft screws generally come in four different types which service the majority of popular vehicle makes and models on Australian roads.

The screws are not a guarantee that your number plates will be protected, however they will either slow down the crooks when trying to pinch your plates, or will put your vehicle in the ‘too hard basket’ and have the opportunistic thief focus on another car whose owner hasn’t had them fitted.

If you need to remove the number plates in the future, most car dealerships and some mechanics are able to remove them.

Keep an eye out on our website for the next time the Hoppers Crossing Apex Club will be involved in Operation Safe Plate. We would be happy to provide this community service to you. For a more immediate outcome, please contact your local car dealership or mechanic to enquire about having the screws fitted.

I encourage you all to have anti-theft number plate screws fitted to your vehicles at your earliest convenience. It may save you a lot of anguish.

20160605 operation safe plate pic 2The pace is frantic as club members add 'one-way' screws to vehicle number plates
20160605 operation safe plate bunnings hoppers crossingThe team takes a quick break during the most recent Operation SafePlate day.
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