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Former Apexian Rob Thompson dies, aged 61

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Former Hoppers Crossing Apex Club member, Robert Charles Thompson sadly passed away due to illness on 18 October 2011 at the age of 61. Rob was a member of the Hoppers Crossing Apex Club from March 1986 up until his retirement at the ripe old age of 40 in 1991. Rob was very active within the club, always looking to lend a hand and help out as best he could. He also held a number of board positions within the Club during his tenure, including youth, dinner notice (back when it was done with a typewriter, Gestetner printer and hand delivery), Vice President as well as Social and Programmes. Rob also won the prestigious John Park Most Promising Apexian award in 1986-1987.

Rob Thompson collageA collage of pictures of Rob and his loved ones.Rob's work in the youth area was particularly noteworthy, and included working with our Apex Youth Club (SUMMIT), the Community Youth Development Program (CYDP), the local Blue Light Disco (which was jointly organised by the Hoppers Crossing Apex Club with local Police) and schools debating. Rob was also infamous for having a joke to end each meeting. Whilst not always funny and occasionally the lines got a little lost (This zebra walked into a bar. No wait a minute, it was a horse. Yeah, a horse. This horse walked into a bar....), they were always delivered with plenty of gusto and enthusiasm.
In recent years, Rob's health had not been what it should. He had suffered a heart attack in 1998 whilst engaging in one of his favourite past times, fishing with his great mate and Club Senior Active member Doug Greig. Doug was able to rush Rob to the Winchelsea Hospital, an act which surely saved Rob's life. From that time on unfortunately, Rob did not enjoy good health with many tough times and hospital visits. Despite all of this, it didn't stop Rob continuing to live life to the fullest with his wife Karen and the rest of their family.

RIP Robert Thompson - 8 July 1950 to 18 October 2011.

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