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A fresh look for Werribee Support and Housing’s reception

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Werribee Support and Housing is an immensely valuable organisation which endeavours to help those in our community who find themselves in great need. The Hoppers Crossing Apex Club have donated money to Werribee Support and Housing for several years now, however recently had the opportunity to get our hands dirty in order to assist the agency.

May the 19th to the 22nd saw a hive of activity within Werribee Support and Housing’s reception area with the Hoppers Crossing Apex Club enlisted to prepare and repaint the interior walls. It is fair to say that the room was looking very tired with flaking paint, damaged blinds, and stained carpet.

Prospective members Ejaz and Nadi apply the finishing touchesProspective members Ejaz and Nadi apply the finishing touchesBeing quite handy with a paint brush, Life Member John Ray took charge of the project and made an early start on Thursday night by patching the walls. Friday saw a larger crew in attendance with Wendy, John, Adrian, and prospective member Kat getting stuck in with sanding, sugar soaping, and undercoat. An early start on Saturday allowed for the walls and ceilings to receive two coats. The two top coats were needed to cover the somewhat darker previous colours.

It is amazing what a lick of paint can do, with the room looking a lot cleaner, fresher and more inviting.

Sunday saw the second coat applied to the woodwork and a general tidy up. A lot of care was taken with the woodwork to ensure that we ‘kept within the lines’. Thanks to Geraldine for her patience with the paint brush and Amanda for her cleaning skills.

A special thanks to Matt Hellmann from the Werribee Apex Club who answered an urgent call on Sunday afternoon. “I can’t get the wire door to lock!” Matt had that sorted out in a few minutes, and has since helped out with a couple of very important handyman tasks at Werribee Support and Housing.

Finished!! A couple of days of hard work pays dividendsFinished!! A couple of days of hard work pays dividendsSo the paintwork was done – almost. The blinds needed to be replaced, which occurred over the following week, and the carpet also needed to replaced. Thanks again to John Ray for organising the quote on the carpet. The $1,000 cost of the carpet was funded out of the $10,000 donation that the Hoppers Crossing Apex Club presented to Werribee Support and Housing in the 2010/2011 Apex year.

The blinds and the carpet replacement generated a couple of areas that required some additional touch up paint, however prospective members Nadi and Ejaz had that sorted out in less than a half an hour.


As you can see from the photos, the new paint, blinds, and carpet have made a huge difference to the reception area.

Many thanks go to Hoppers Crossing Apex Club members John, Wendy, Adrian, Geraldine, and Amanda, Hoppers Crossing Apex Club prospective members Kat, Nadi, and Ejaz, Werribee Apex Club member and proprietor of Hellmann’s Handyman and Maintenance Matt Hellmann, Gordon at PaintSpot Hoppers Crossing for looking after us in with the paint colours and the cost, and also Carpet Court Hoppers Crossing for the great job with the carpet replacement.

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