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Club Activities

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The Apex Club of Hoppers Crossing is involved in a wide variety of activities, both for the benefit of the community in general and also its members. The large number of different activities we are involved in ensures there is something of interest for everyone in the Club to be involved with.

Community Service Activities

Whether we're pitching in at a local community project, such as the City of Wyndham's 'Apex Play Space' project or taking part in national activities such as raising funds for autism research, or involving ourselves in public speaking and debating competitions, we always manage to involve fun, and quite often family.

We also involve ourselves in fund raising activities to raise money for use in our community projects and to benefit specific causes, such as our annual involvement with 'Daffodil Day' and 'Relay for Life' in support of the Cancer Council.

The wide variety of activities the Club is involved in is one of the many benefits of Apex membership.

Over the course of the year, the Club is also involved in many fund raising projects such as sausage sizzles and Christmas tree sales together with a wide variety of service based activities such as Clean up Australia Day and assisting a school working bees. Recent activities have raised funds for the Kids Help Line organisation and also the Apex Foundation.

Citizenship Activities

Kids don't bounce signKids don't bounce signCitizenship is the base which underpins all Apex projects and really encapsulates the reason for our existence. One common theme for all Apex projects is that they are for the benefit of the community. The Club has been involved in numerous community issues over the past few years. We have been involved in local community issues as diverse as the anti-toxic dump campaign and the kindergarten funding situation. The Club has also been involved in local road safety awareness campaigns.

International Relations Activities

A PLAN International sponsor childA PLAN International sponsor childOur involvement in the 'international' scene has seen the club take part in a wide variety of different projects. We continue to sponsor children through PLAN International and have also sponsored the eduction of a number of international students through the Apex Bursary Scheme. In 2002, the Hoppers Crossing Apex Club was recognised by PLAN International as having continually sponsored children for 15 years - Hoppers Crossing Apex Club and PLAN International working together to help those less fortunate in the world.

The Club has also had a long twinning relationship with the Lautoka Apex Club in Fiji, which has seen the Club send a number of members to, and host a number of Apexians from the Lautoka Club. The Club has collected and shipped 3.5 tonnes of books (and a number of computers) to Erave in Papua New Guinea, a project undertake with assistance of the RAAF. We have also been involved with other worthwhile International Relations projects such as the hosting of Japanese exchange students, the hosting of international Apex travelers and the co-ordination of a State wide book collection project for Fiji.

Youth Activities

Projects and other activities involving the young people of our community are always a high priority for the Club. Most recently, the Club has been involved in organising the extremely successful Wynspeak schools public speaking competitions. Growing each year, the competition provides an excellent opportunity for young people from the local area to develop and show off their public speaking skills.

The Club has sponsored and organised a number of youth activities including Battle of the Bands competitions, Blue Light Disco's, film days, children's picnics and provision of educational scholarships.

Personal Development Activities

Personal development of Club members is also an important aspect of every Apex Club, and the Hoppers Crossing Apex Club is no different in this regard. The Club conducts numerous public speaking and debating activities - both formal and informal and also provides opportunity for members to learn meeting procedure and build self confidence.


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